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Michelle Azouz

Owner - Artistic Director –
- Master Colorist –



Michelle has been in the hair industry for over twenty-five years, constantly reinventing her style. She has trained with well-known master stylists across the United States, Europe, and North Africa, including but not limited to Vidal Sassoon, Vivienne Mac Kinder, and Oribe. With her French background, Michelle is an expert in many different types of balayage, a French technique which has become the latest trend in the United States.

She has mastered the art of disconnection in hair design and is a color correction expert, proving that no hair color or style is too challenging. Her personal and in-depth client consultations assure that both parties have a shared vision for the end result of her services. Michelle is a master colorist and Goldwell national educator, having trained stylists and colorists in perfecting their work over the years. She has an innate passion for style, and is frequently involved in photoshoots, editorial work, and fashion week events.

Michelle is constantly evolving her craft and has traveled the world on her own accord to educate herself and bring back the newest and most innovate ways of creating unique hairstyles. She has a passion for philanthropy and incorporates charity work into her business, having been a part of various fundraisers in previous salons and organizing her own at Ateliers 113. In her free time Michelle enjoys sewing, working out, and creating her own recipes.

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” –Confucius

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